Sands Twp. mobile home fire

No one was hurt in a mobile home fire in Sands Township Sunday morning.

The fire started shortly after 10 am at 110 South M-553, lot 304, and it was called in as a fire underneath the trailer.

A preventable accident started the blaze; the homeowner was trying to thaw out frozen pipes under the mobile home using a propane torch.

The unit caught fire and about a third of the structure was destroyed.

The homeowner, his wife and their dog all got out safely.

Sands Township Fire Chief Rickey Wilson says quick action by fire crews gave the homeowner enough time to get all of the couple’s possessions out of the trailer as well.

More than a dozen Sands Township volunteer firefighters were on the scene for close to four hours in single-digit temperatures.

The Forsyth Township and Chocolay Township Fire Departments were called in to assist, bringing in tanker trucks filled with water and additional personnel.