Paperwork problem may cost $200K

There is concern in Houghton County that a mistake by the Western U.P. Michigan Works agency could cost local governments hundreds of thousands of dollars. ABC 10’s Rick Allen has the story.

Failure to submit paperwork on time by the Western U.P. Michigan Works agency could end up costing local counties tens of thousands of dollars.

The Houghton County Board of Commissioners say they have been notified by the State of Michigan that there is more than $200,000 in disallowed funds resulting from mismanagement by Michigan Works.

That means each of the six counties in the Western U.P. could be on the hook for more than $33,000.

Most of the issue boils down to waivers that were not submitted to the state on time.

Director of the Western U.P. Michigan Works Keith Johnson admits the waivers were late…but says they are working with the state to resolve the problem.

And as far as allegations that he should be held personably responsible, Johnson says he inherited a tough situation and he is doing what he can on a daily basis.