NMU’s winter semester is underway

It was a cold day heading back for classes at Northern Michigan University.  The sixteen week semester started Monday morning.

School officials will not have the semester enrollment count for another two weeks, but they are seeing a new trend:  new students from across the country.  There also seems to be fewer college–aged students, and an increase in older, non–traditional students.

Students may be counting the days until spring break later in the semester, but they are making the most of the first day back.  One students was surprised by the warmer weather, while another thought the semester break was almost too long, and wanted to get back to the routine of going to classes and working on homework.

A few new programs have been implemented at NMU as a way bring in more new students.  The Licensed Practical Nursing Program started again last fall, and is gaining more momentum.

A program for fighting wildfires has also been added.