Understanding 911 dispatcher training

When there is an emergency, everyone knows the three numbers to dial for help: 911.

The men and women who answer 911 calls have to be ready for anything.  A lot of training goes into becoming a 911 dispatcher, and there are new rules to help streamline training regulations across the state.

New regulations are designed to streamline all 911 dispatchers across the state of Michigan.  One new regulation includes dispatchers to receive training at least 24 hours every two years.

Even with new regulations, the Marquette County Central Dispatch will not have to change any of their current training.  They have already been complying with new regulations.

At the Marquette County Central Dispatch, a new dispatcher is trained with someone for four months.    They even go downstate for further training.  Dispatchers also take advanced courses in suicide prevention calls and domestic violence calls.

Anyone can apply to be a dispatcher.  Gary Johnson , manager at Marquette County Central Dispatch, says a person must be able to multi–task and deal with high stress situations.

Central Dispatch always has two dispatchers on duty at all times.  They take all calls relating to fire, police and EMS in the county.Dispatchers also enter search warrants into the computer and other paper work, but they must always stay at their station.