Police & Civilian Lifesaving Awards

Marquette County police officers and civilians were honored this morning for saving a woman from drowning.

Marquette Police Cpl. Jim Finkbeiner, Marquette County Sheriff’s Deputy Torin Trudeau and Chocolay Township Police Officers Anthony Carrick and Jon LeGalley all received lifesaving awards and medals.

On December 16th, they responded to a report of a partially submerged vehicle in a ditch off County Road 480 in Sands Township.

They broke a window, pulled a woman out and checked on whether anyone else needed help.

Marquette Police Chief Mike Angeli says the lifesaver certificates and medals are rare and it’s a privilege to help give them out.

Scott and Klaye Olson of Gwinn, Aaron Beckman of champion and Chris Graham Jr. of Negaunee received outstanding citizenship awards for the same incident.

They saw the vehicle’s headlights and called 911.

Chief Angeli says it’s gratifying to know there are civilians willing to look into unusual situations that they find and come to someone else’s rescue.

The awards come from the Marquette County Law Enforcement Administrators Association.

Marquette County Sheriff Mike Lovelace says he’ll nominate everyone for lifesaver awards from the Michigan Sheriff’s Association as well.