MAPS Education Foundation hosts "Holiday Homecoming"

Alumni from the Marquette areas had a chance to get together for the holidays Wednesday night.  Alumni from Marquette Senior, Bishop Baraga, Graveraet and J.D. Pierce High Schools gathered at the Landmark Inn in downtown Marquette for a “Holiday Homecoming.”

The event was hosted by the Marquette Area Public School Education Foundation.  It’s the first year for the event, and was created because the foundation had calls from alumni asking if there were any parties around the holiday season for old classmates to get together.

The event gives alumni, both young and old, a chance to socialize when people are in town for the holidays, and a chance to get out of the house after a busy Christmas.

Tom Baldini, president of the MAPS Education Foundation, hopes to host the event every December 26th.  He wants the event to become a main holiday gathering for Marquette area alumni, and hopes Holiday Homecoming will continue to grow each year.

People wore different colored beads to correspond with each high school.  The event was free, and there was an opportunity for alumni to donate to the MAPS Education Foundation.