Michigan Ski Industry looking for snow

While much of Upper Michigan is still recovering from as much as a foot of snow from the storm this past week, the state’s ski industry doesn’t want snow to be a four letter work.  In fact, ski hills across the state want s-n-o-w to be considered ‘good news.’
For the latest snow conditions at ski areas across out state, visit goskimichigan.com and click on the Ski Areas & Conditions button.
Here are some interesting facts about the ski industry in Michigan:
  • Each year Michigan welcomes between 2 million and 2.4 million skier visits to its slopes
  • Michigan and New York are tied for the most ski areas in any state
  • The typical ski season is 100 to 104 days long
  • Winter travel accounts for nearly 1/3 of the $17.7 billion-a-year Michigan travel industry
  • No matter where you live in the state, you are within a 2-hour drive of a ski area.
  • 28˚ F. is the “magic number” for snowmaking.  When the temperatures drop below this mark, Michigan ski areas are making snow.
  • 10 inches of natural snow, when packed, usually adds only one inch of snow to the ski slope’s base while 10 inches of man-made snow adds seven inches of base.  Man-made snow is more dense and durable.
  • For every 10-degree temperature drop, snowmakers can double the output of machine-made snow.
  • Humidity is a factor as well.  The lower the humidity, the better for making snow.  If you add the temperature plus the humidity, that sum should equal less than 100 for favorable snowmaking weather.