Teaching Family Homes Adopt-a-Child

The Marquette County area is providing a great deal of help to a nonprofit group to keep a Christmastime tradition going.

It’s the Teaching Family Homes Adopt–a–Child program.

Each child prepares a wish list.

If you join the program, you receive one child’s list.

You can drop off unwrapped items from that list at Teaching Family Homes in Sands Township.

Teaching Family Homes public relations director Rich Rossway is coordinating the program.

He says he’s thrilled to see the large number of toys that have come in, as well as financial donations from people who’d prefer to send a check and have TFH staff buy the gifts.

The program doesn’t only serve kids living in the group homes in Sands Township.

It also helps children in foster care or who are part of other Teaching Family Homes programs.

Rossway says that even though they almost have enough toy and financial donations to meet the kids’ needs, Teaching Family Homes sees more children who need help this time of year than the rest of the year.

For more information on the Adopt–a–Child program, Rossway says you can call 906–249–5437, which is 249-KIDS.