Right-to-Work Law Protests Continue

Streets around Lansing are closed off this evening, and emotions are running high at the Capitol.

Busloads of people are protesting a lame-duck session on the right-to-work legislation that Governor Rick Snyder signed into law this afternoon.

It’s at the root of Democrats versus Republicans and labor versus management.

Governor Snyder says it was labor and democrats who hit first, trying to pass Proposal 2 in November that would have put collective bargaining rights into the state constitution.

Voters turned it down.

The protests in Lansing continued today;  police wore riot gear as about 10,000 protestors filled a full city block and rallied around the Capitol Building steps.

The battle of words between those on both sides of the issue continues.

One Democratic state lawmaker threatened on the floor of the Michigan House of Representatives today,”there will be blood; there will be repercussions.”

Michigan Republican Party chairman Bobby Schostak condemned those remarks.

Because of this issue, the Michigan House Transportation Committee has postponed further discussions scheduled today on ‘Kelsey’s Law’, legislation aimed at tougher teen driving restrictions.

‘Kelsey’s Law’ is named after a Sault Ste. Marie teenager whose texting while driving led to a car accident in 2010 in which she was killed.