Protests reported peaceful

The Michigan State Police (MSP) report the large crowds at the Capitol today were mostly peaceful.

Throughout the day union marshals and captains worked very well with troopers and the House and Senate Sergeant at Arms to help maintain safety and order of people both inside the Capitol and outside.

At approximately noon, troopers utilized oleoresin capsicum (O/C) spray when a crowd grabbed hold of a trooper outside the Capitol and would not let go. Upon use of the O/C spray the crowd released the trooper and backed away. No arrests were made during this incident.

At approximately 1 p.m., troopers opened a secure door to enter the Romney Building and members of the crowd attempted to follow. When these individuals refused troopers’ commands, O/C spray was used to gain compliance from the crowd and remove the remaining people from the doorway. Two individuals who breached the doors in this incident were arrested.

At approximately 2 p.m., troopers stationed around the perimeter of the Romney Building utilized a controlled deployment of O/C spray when the crowd pushed them up against the building and refused troopers’ commands to back away. The crowd complied and no arrests were made during this incident.

At approximately 2:30 p.m., a third individual was arrested for refusing to comply with troopers’ commands when more troopers were arriving to reinforce the troopers already stationed at the Romney Building.

All arrests were misdemeanor charges. All use of O/C spray came from individual containers carried by the troopers. There was no mass deployment of O/C spray or tear gas.

Troopers responded to a few minor calls for medical assistance and altercations between protestors. No major injuries or medical emergencies were reported to the MSP

The situation around the Capitol remains a dynamic and unfolding event. The MSP plans to continue its presence in the area and will evaluate resource levels as necessary.

The MSP appreciates the support of the Michigan Department of Corrections, Lansing Police Department, East Lansing Police Department, Michigan State University Department of Public Safety, Ingham County Sheriff’s Department, Clinton County Sheriff’s Department, and local emergency medical services.