Tigers Cabrera named AL MVP


After Justin Verlander was denied his second straight Cy Young award last night, in what was supposed to be a close vote between Verlander and the winner, Tampa Bay Rays pitcher David Price.

Many people thought that the American League Most Valuable Player voting would be close between Tigers 3B Miguel Cabrera and Angels CF Mike Trout.

But, the voting was anything but close- it was a landslide.

That landslide was in the favor of Miguel Cabrera, who got 22 of the 28 first place votes, beating out Trout by 81 points overall to secure his first ever MVP trophy.

This past season, Miggy had a year that many will never forget- he hit for the Triple Crown- the first player to do so in 45 years.

The Tigers will keep the AL MVP trophy in the clubhouse for the second straight year, after Verlander won the award last season.

San Francisco Giants catcher Buster Posey was named the National League MVP.

Last years NL MVP, Milwaukee Brewers OF Ryan Braun, finished second in the voting.