At issue: hunting of the gray wolf

Lawmakers in Lansing are discussing whether to allow hunting of gray wolves in the Upper Peninsula.  ABC Ten’s Keweenaw Bureau Reporter Rick Allen spoke with a wolf expert for his opinion on the matter.

It was only about 20 years ago that gray wolves were nearly extinct in the Upper Peninsula.  Now there are at least 700 as the population thrives.  Wolves are not a convenient species.  They can attack livestock and frighten humans.

Doctor Rolf Peterson has studied wolves on Isle Royale since 1970.   He doesn’t believe the wolf population poses any real public safety threat to residents in the U.P.  Peterson says as long as you aren’t leaving garbage or other food out that wolves can get into…you shouldn’t have a problem.   If there is a wolf hanging around your property, call the DNR and they will respond.

But some lawmakers are saying that a hunting season is needed to manage the population of wolves…a solution this lifelong expert disagrees with.  On the contrary…Doctor Peterson says wolves actually improve the overall health of the deer herd and the health of the trees in the U.P.