Protestors demand Congressman Benishek's attention

Benishek’s Marquette office was ground zero for members of the “99 percent voters” rally this afternoon.

Several dozen gathered on the street in front of the building in downtown Marquette and also crowded into the building’s hallways.  The special interest group voiced its opinion with chants and picket signs.

While marching back and forth in front of the building, the group’s representative, Zelda Ziemer, said Benishek should  support job creation over more tax cuts for the 1 percent.

She says the group has been successful in reaching out to the voters during the 2012 election.

In response to the protest, Benishek’s Communications Assistant, Kyle Bonini, issued the following statement: “Dr. Benishek always welcomes the input of his constituents and remains focused on supporting policies in Congress that will create jobs, reform the tax code so small businesses can grow, and protect our seniors and veterans in Northern Michigan.  On Monday, Dr. Benishek was in Marquette  leading an effort to move forward with the construction of County Road 595 to bring good-paying jobs to the Upper Peninsula.  As Northern Michigan’s voice in Congress, Dr. Benishek will continue fighting for jobs in our region.”