Benishek thanks family and constituents after re-election

Iron Mountain, MI –  Dr. Dan Benishek has been re-elected as U.S. Congressman for Michigan’s First District, after squeaking by challenger Gary McDowell, a Rudyard Democrat.

Benishek, a Republican from Crystal Falls, said in a press release, “Let me first say thank you—to my wife Judy, my family, my friends, my staff, the countless volunteers and, most importantly, to the voters of Northern Michigan.  Michigan’s first district voted for jobs, the American Dream and limited government, but just because the election is over does not mean our job is done. The hardest part is yet to come.”

“For the next two years my focus will remain on bringing jobs back to Northern
Michigan, reigning in the spending and fighting to keep the American Dream alive for
our children and grandchildren. However none of this would have been possible without
the support of the voters.”

Raffi Williams, Benishek for Congress Spokesman, says “Dr. Dan Benishek is proud that the people of Northern Michigan re-elected him to be their voice in Congress.  It was great to see Gary McDowell congratulate Dr. Dan this morning for his win and the doctor looks forward to continuing his work spurring job creation in Northern Michigan.”