Finlandia students celebrate Halloween

What would Halloween be without a delightful spooky story?   ABC Ten’s Keweenaw Bureau Reporter Rick Allen has found a little treat to help get you in the Halloween spirit…

Finlandia students gathered to read spooky stories and recite haunting poetry at the Maki Library in Hancock.  The event was sponsored by the library and the TRiO Student Support Services Office.

21-year-old Clancy MacNeil selected a poem written by S.E. Schlosser called Storm Hag…based on stories of the demon siren of Lake Erie.

Others readers choose more traditional ghost stories while other students and faculty listened closely.  Only thing missing was a full moon and flashlight under the chin of the reader…and they would have had a perfect ghost story evening.

So…if your Halloween plans include sailing the haunted waters of theGreat Lakes…you might just want to keep a look out for the Storm Hag.