Caring House Celebrity Waiters Dinner

Dickinson County’s domestic violence shelter raised thousands of dollars last night while having a lot of fun.

Caring House hosted its annual celebrity waiters dinner last night at First Presbyterian Church in Kingsford.

The spaghetti dinner is Caring House’s largest fundraiser each year, and they’ve held it for somewhere in the neighborhood of thirty years now.

Caring House executive director Cheryl O’Neil says they’ve lost track of how far back the tradition goes, but she says every time staff members talk about maybe not having it again, they then say they can’t imagine a year going by without holding the dinner.

She says last year’s dinner raised $12,000, and she’s hopeful this year’s edition will meet or surpass that.

About a hundred silent auction items were up for bids.

And as usual, some of them were Michigan State men’s basketball items, autographed by Iron Mountain native Tom Izzo.

Our own Mike Hoey was there as a waiter, and he entertained the crowd with a song.

But he wasn’t in costume as a blind football referee, as a Kingsford High School football player or as Dr. Egon Spengler, Harold Ramis’s character from ‘Ghostbusters’, like some of the other waiters were!