Houghton Co. Ballot Proposal Forum is Wednesday

A 2012 Ballot Proposal Forum will be held Wednesday night in Houghton.

On November 6, Michigan citizens will vote on six state-wide ballot proposals – more than any election in the past 30 years. Five of them would amend the Michigan Constitution. Do you know which proposals will appear on the state-wide ballot? Do you know what it will mean if each proposal is passed or defeated?

MSU Extension, in partnership with the League of Women Voters of the Copper Country, is hosting a Ballot Proposal Forum to provide factual, unbiased information on each proposal, and to provide the opportunity for participants to discuss the proposals with other citizens and with MSU policy experts. To read 100-word summaries of each of the proposals, visit the Citizen’s Research Council website:


The forum will take place October 24 at 6:30-9 PM at the BHK Learning Center
Meeting/Conference Room (Lower Floor),  700 Park Ave., in Houghton.

The forum is free, but registration is required at: www.events.anr.msu.edu

If you cannot attend, you can ask questions of MSU experts through your computer at: https://connect.msu.edu/ballotforums/