Passionately Pink Fundraiser

A Marquette business is raising money in honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month by giving area women a chance to be pampered at a discount.

Lakeshore Skin Care is raising money for the Superior Health Foundation in its second annual Passionately Pink fundraiser.

The foundation will benefit from a discount on a popular cosmetic procedure that Lakeshore Skin Care offers.

Rachel Griffin of Lakeshore Skin Care says they usually offer microdermabrasion for $50.

However, right now, it’s free of charge if the customer is willing to make a financial donation to the cause.

Other local businesses have joined in.

Jimmy John’s of Marquette has donated free sandwiches, Econo Foods has sent free cupcakes and Starbucks of Marquette has given free coffee.

Griffin says last year, Passionately Pink was a one-day event that raised $900 for the Marquette General Cancer Center as it bought stereotactic breast biopsy equipment, and she hopes that by extending the fundraiser to an entire week, they can raise much more money this year.

The fundraiser at Lakeshore Skin Care lasts through this Friday.