Marquette Meth Lab Update

There’s new information tonight about a story we brought you on Friday on a meth lab in the city of Marquette.

That lab was involved in the reported hazardous chemical incident last Thursday night that involved Bell Hospital in Ishpeming.

The Marquette Police were called out on Friday afternoon to the Presque Isle Place apartments at 1950 Presque Isle Avenue.

The Marquette County Sheriff’s Department told them about a possible meth lab at the apartment complex.

That lab was believed to have been involved in the reported World War II nerve agent incident last Thursday that was later found to concern a meth lab instead.

Marquette Police Det. Sgt. Gordon Warchock says that when they followed up on the tip, the city police found an active lab where cooking was taking place, as well as materials used in meth production.

He says they called in the Upper Peninsula Substance Enforcement Team to secure the lab area and clean it up.

Tenants were evacuated from that apartment and from six additional apartments.

The lab is still being investigated.

The Marquette Fire Department and the county Sheriff’s Department assisted at the scene.