Northland man jailed in road rage/machete incident

A Northland man is in the Marquette County Jail after his arrest in a road rage incident.

The Marquette Police Department says Jeffrey Rowal Anderson, 66, faces three felony charges in the incident that occurred Wednesday morning in Marquette.

According to Detective Captain Gordon Warchock, the incident started about 11:00 a.m. Wednesday when Anderson was driving near another vehicle northbound on McClellan Avenue.

Warchock says the investigation revealed that another driver may have cut off Anderson’s vehicle as the two were driving. Anderson reportedly followed the other car to the parking lot of the Peninsula Medical Center at 1414 West Fair Avenue.  He then reportedly exited his vehicle with a machete and approached the other vehicle.

Police say the other driver stayed in his vehicle and called 911 as Anderson was screaming and waving the machete.  Anderson then is said to have hit the car with the machete, returned to his vehicle, parked it and then enter the medical center without the weapon.

Anderson was contacted inside the medical center and subsequently arrested.  Bond has been set at $110, 000.  He’s been charged with:

–Assault with a Dangerous Weapon, a four year felony

–Weapons – Carrying Concealed, a five year felony

–Malicious Destruction of Personal Property ($1,000 – less than $20,000), a five year felony