Eric Dompierre Day in Ishpeming

October 18 in Ishpeming is Eric Dompierre Day…as proclaimed by Ishpeming Mayor Pat Scanlon!

Today is just another day at school for Eric, sort of.  There’s a little more attention directed at him at school than what he normally draws.

Eric and his family led a much publicized battle against the Michigan High School Athletic Association.

People from across the globe signed an online petition aimed at getting the MHSAA to let Eric play sports during his senior year.

A long-standing MSHAA rule said high school athletes are not eligible to play after they reach 19 years of age.  Dompiere, who has Down Syndrome, was granted a waiver to play during his senior year.  He is currently part of the Ishpeming Hematite varsity football team and plans to play basketball during the 2012-2013 season.

Eric says he appreciates all the efforts people went to that made the MSHAA waiver possible.  And, he pointed out that it wasn’t just for himself:  a downstate girl also was given a waiver that lets her participate on the track and field team.