Coast Guard rescue in Saginaw Bay

CLEVELAND — The Coast Guard rescued two people who were on a sinking boat in Saginaw Bay Saturday night.

The names and hometowns of the rescued people are not being released.

A radio watchstander at Coast Guard Station Saginaw River, in Essexville received notification at 5 p.m. of two people on an 18-foot pleasure craft rapidly taking on water about two miles east of Channel Island in Saginaw Bay.

A rescue boat crew launched aboard a 25-foot Response Boat-Small, and arrived on scene at 5:20 p.m. to find the aft section of the boat filled more than half-way with water.

The two people aboard the sinking boat were transferred to the RB-S while the rescue boat crew de-watered the sinking vessel then towed it back to the small boat station.

The two people had on their life jackets and reported no injuries.

“The Coast Guard recommends that all people wear their life jackets at all times while on a boat,” said Petty Officer 3rd Class Geoffrey Wells, today’s officer-of-the-day at Station Saginaw River.

“It is easier to be wearing your life jacket at all times than to try and put one on during an emergency.”

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