Marquette Police Bid Nero Farewell

The Marquette Police Department has said its final goodbyes to a recently retired police dog.

Nero, who served on the force for nine years, was put down on Wednesday after a year-long battle with cancer.

He was the first-ever drug-sniffing dog for the Marquette Police.

When the department learned that Nero had cancer, it began fundraising for a new canine unit.

The fundraising efforts helped the police department purchase two new dogs, Scud and Frodo.

Both dogs have been on active duty for about a month.

Chief Mike Angeli says they didn’t know what an asset Nero would be to drug interdiction efforts until he joined them.

He says the community reaction to the work of Nero and his human handler, Sgt. Marty Munger, was so positive that the department felt their work had to continue after Nero took ill.