Peanut butter recall

As a precaution the Community Action Agency is advising local residents to throw away Sunland peanut butter received during the August CSFP food commodity distribution due to potential contamination.

The USDA is requesting residents hold on to the product and not consume it until it has been determined if it is contaminated. To insure safety, CAA is taking the extra step of advising residents to immediately dispose of the product.

The peanut butter has been linked to a manufacturing plant where a recall has been ordered due to contamination. The peanut butter was distributed in August to approximately 1,800 households in Menominee, Delta and Schoolcraft counties.

The recall does not affect Algood peanut butter, which was distributed as part of the TEFAP program in September. Residents with questions are asked to call CAA, 786-7080.

Residents who consumed Sunland peanut butter and have flu-like symptoms should contact a medical professional.