"The Challenge" Week 7

Hello All!
Both JT and Joe Dexter have had a busy week. Here are there picks for Week #7. The overall standings will be updated next week!

The Picks

Ishpeming at Negaunee: Joe- Ishpeming  JT- Ishpeming

Norway at Westwood: Joe- Westwood  JT- Westwood

Detroit Christian at Gwinn: Joe- Gwinn  JT- Gwinn

Marquette at Menominee: Joe- Menominee  JT- Menominee

Michigan Tech at Northern Michigan: Joe- Michigan Tech  JT- Michigan Tech

Michigan State at Indiana: Joe- Michigan State  JT- Michigan State

Michigan at Purdue: Joe- Michigan  JT- Michigan

Green Bay at Indianapolis: Joe- Green Bay  JT- Green Bay