MAPS Strategic Planning

The Marquette Area Public Schools held their final public forum tonight on what goals the district should set for itself for the next few years.

The Michigan Association of School Boards is helping MAPS develop a three-to-five-year strategic plan.

A consultant met parents and other residents to hear what they think should be done.

Scott Morrell of the Michigan Association of School Boards says while the district is doing many things well, the most common item people are citing as needing improvement is communication.

He says residents indicate the district needs to interact better with the business community, the religious community and with parents, among others.

Based on the 2010 census, only 82% of school–age kids living in the district actually attend the Marquette Area Public Schools.

The 82% figure includes school choice kids who come to Marquette from elsewhere, so Morrell says the actual figure is probably 80% or in the high 70s.

Morrell also says the planning process is a good opportunity to figure out why that is — whether or not there’s anything the district isn’t offering students and should be.

He’ll meet with district officials on Saturday to begin going over the written and online feedback people have given.

Then the plan will be formed over the next eight to ten weeks.