Upfront & Co. Closing

Some new information is available today about a story we mentioned on the air last night.

It’s the imminent closure of Upfront and Company in Marquette.

The downtown night spot is closing indefinitely for renovations.

Saturday night will be its final night open to the public before the closure.

There’s no word yet on when the renovations will begin or how long they’re expected to take.

White Light Riot of Minneapolis will be the final band to play prior to the closure.

Staff at Upfront who spoke with us say the banquet hall will remain open for the rest of 2012, but they say the status of the banquet facility after New Year’s Day is uncertain.

We’ve attempted to reach management at Upfront both last night and today for comment, and we’ve been told we will likely hear from them on Friday.

If we do, we’ll have more about this for you tomorrow night.