Finlandia University Student Intern scores contract

HANCOCK, Michigan (September 11, 2012) — Finlandia University Junior Darryl Brown is excited about his student-marketing internship at Consistacom, Inc. A small business in Hancock, Consistacom provides software to the call center industry across the world. Brown is gaining hands-on experience, performing real work and getting results for Consistacom.

“Darryl adds friendly, persistent follow-up to our team. We have been lacking that personal touch, and Darryl is making a real difference,” says Steven Fitzgerald, owner of Consistacom.

The first week Brown was on the job, he took a phone call from a representative of a well-known global sports television network. Over the next six months, with his positive energy and communication skills, Brown turned this phone lead into a substantial sale for Consistacom. “The sale motivated me in ways I can’t explain. It taught me a lot and has given me confidence working with other companies. People buy from people they like — something I have learned since working for Consistacom — and I will apply this in my future career endeavors.”

The full scope of the sale involved the entire Consistacom team. Brown received mentoring from not only Fitzgerald but also Larry Chopp, a sales veteran with over 40 years of experience, who serves as a sales consultant for MTEC SmartZone. “Steven and Larry coached me through the sale and gave me pointers on keeping the customer engaged,” says Brown.

It’s a win-win experience for Business Management major Darryl Brown and for MTEC SmartZone company, Consistacom. They plan to continue utilizing student talent available through their relationship with MTEC SmartZone and their close proximity to Finlandia and Michigan Technological Universities.

As for his future, Brown says, “Working for Consistacom opened my options and has made it difficult for me to decide — I have offers from a few different places.”