Western U.P. transportation website unveiled

The Western Upper Peninsula Planning and Development Region (WUPPDR) recently unveiled its transportation resources website, www.getaroundwup.com.

The website, funded primarily by the Michigan Department of Transportation, was developed to educate residents in the Western Upper Peninsula about transportation opportunities other than the single-passenger vehicle. On the website, residents are able to search for specific transit providers by type and location. If residents are unsure which transit provider is best for them, they can use a “trip planner” to select providers based on their origin, destination, and characteristics. Residents can also find contact information, routes, fares, service hours and areas, and tips about how to ride public transportation.

Although public transportation is an option, residents have other options available to them, such as carpooling and non-motorized transportation. Although carpooling can be a difficult and intimidating task, Get Around the Western U.P. is participating as an organizational member of Carpoolworld, a website that matches users based on origin, destination, and proximity. Residents can also find information on ride-share etiquette and park-and-ride lot locations. Finally, printable maps of non-motorized routes and resources are available for each county.

Get Around the Western U.P. offers a wide range of information about different modes of transportation and how best to connect and utilize them. The website demonstrates that driving alone is not the only option.