Home Heating & Utility Assistance Funding

The deadline to apply for the state’s home heating tax credit for this year is coming up soon.

The money comes from the federal Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program grant.

That credit may be more crucial for low–income residents this year than usual.

Other utility assistance funding sources are drying up.

The Ishpeming Salvation Army says its own utility assistance program is basically tapped out for the year.

Lt. Stephen Hansen says the state’s funding for the program has stipulations that it has to be spent within a specific window of time, and now that the window has passed, there’s very little money remaining.

He says some donors have helped the utility assistance program during the summer.

That money has been used to help residents in extremely dire straits.

If you’re interested in the state home heating tax credit, you can apply through the Michigan Department of Treasury.

You can get more information here or by calling the department at 1-517-636-4486.

The deadline to apply is September 30th.