Kennecott Eagle Mine Progress Update

The Kennecott Eagle Mine is slated to begin production in early 2014.

Kennecott’s parent company hosted local businesspeople and elected officials at a reception tonight to update them on the mine’s progress.

Rio Tinto says the mine is generating 500 construction jobs and at least 230 jobs during the operation of the mine itself.

The Marquette County Board said last night it was concerned that the company wouldn’t pay to build County Road 595, Rio Tinto’s proposed trucking route for the mine, unless the permitting could be completed very quickly.

Rio Tinto communications advisor Dan Blondeau says the company is fully committed to paying for the construction of 595 if the construction can begin by next spring.

The mine will produce 300 million pounds of nickel and 250 million pounds of copper.

The Humboldt Mill is being re-opened so that it can be used for ore processing.

Residents hope these update sessions are held more often.

U.P. Construction Council executive director Tony Retaskie was invited to attend; he says it was worthwhile to hear about the project’s progress and he says it would be helpful if Rio Tinto can hold several more as the mine is further along.

Six months ago, the state geologist informed Marquette County that the mine site was worth $191 million.