Correction: GOP Headquarters Protest

We have a correction to make on a story we ran about the protest outside the Marquette County Republican Headquarters Thursday afternoon.

Protesters said they believe a Mitt Romney victory in November would protect the wealthiest Americans at everyone else’s expense.

In response, the Marquette County Republicans placed several signs in their office windows.

One of the signs read, ‘You Are The 49%’.

On Tuesday night, Rick Santorum told the GOP’s national convention that nearly half of all Americans receive some form of government financial assistance.

49% is the exact figure, which includes Social Security and Medicare along with poverty–fighting programs.

Our reporter believed that was what the sign referred to, but the county Republican chair says that’s not what it meant.

Dan Adamini says it was referring to the 49% of American adults who don’t pay any federal income tax.

He says he understands that mistakes happen, but he wanted to call attention to people who contribute nothing to the government.

Some Americans’ incomes are too low to be required to pay income tax.

Many more have their tax burdens covered by credits and deductions.

There are also some older Americans whose Social Security benefits cannot be taxed, although the Social Security checks for some seniors are taxed.