Nurses Association wants Benishek meetings

The Michigan Nurses Association renewed its call today for Congressman Dan Benishek (R-Crystal Falls) to take a break from campaigning and hold public town hall meetings.  The MNA wants Benishek to discuss his votes on Medicare. Michigan Citizen Action and Protect Your Care Michigan joined the nurses in demanding that Benishek, who is in Florida this week for the National Republican Convention, listen to the concerns of his constituents at home.

“I’m speaking out because my Congressman is voting against my patients’ interests,” said Mark Hebert, an ER/ICU nurse and Michigan Nurses Association member who works at War Memorial Hospital in Sault Ste. Marie. “Congressman Benishek needs to understand that people can’t afford to pay more for health care. If the Benishek-Ryan plan succeeds, even more patients will put off doctor visits, skip their medications and ignore illnesses until it’s too late. People will endanger their health and even their lives, just so insurance companies and millionaires can get richer. Dr. Benishek calls this saving Medicare. I call it putting my patients’ lives at risk.”

Hebert and his fellow nurses have been asking Benishek to hold a public town hall about the Benishek-Ryan plan and its impact on seniors. The Michigan Nurses Association believes a public town hall that lays out the facts about the plan and gives Benishek, a retired surgeon, the chance to respond to criticism will best serve the public.

“The future of Medicare is too important – the public deserves to hear Congressman Benishek explain his votes on Medicare and ask him questions, face to face,” Hebert said. “As a nurse and a constituent, I urge Congressman Benishek to hold a town hall meeting and explain why he supports handing Medicare over to private insurance companies and leaving seniors to cover the costs.”

The nurses have an online petition urging “Dr. Dan” to keep his promise to constituents and protect Medicare, not millionaires. The petition, video and more information are available at