MI Supreme Court Candidate Visits U.P.

One of the candidates for the Michigan Supreme Court on the November ballot is visiting the Upper Peninsula.

Bridget McCormack made several stops in Marquette today.

She’s a professor at the University of Michigan Law School, and she’s also the dean of the law school’s clinical programs.

McCormack says law schools have become very much like medical schools in recent years, as students receive opportunities to work as attorneys under faculty supervision on behalf of indigent clients.

McCormack originally worked as a legal aid attorney in New York City.

She says she’s devoted her career to representing people who have a hard time getting a fair shake in the legal system.

McCormack says no matter what anyone’s political persuasion is, she believes we can all agree that the judicial system is the one branch of government where being right is more important than being powerful.

She says partisan politics have crept into the judicial system in recent years across the country, not only in Michigan, and she claims people don’t like that.

McCormack visited the Lake Superior State campus in Sault Ste. Marie yesterday, and the NMU campus in Marquette was one of her stops today.

The seven justices of the Michigan Supreme Court are each elected to eight–year terms.

The terms are staggered; the seven seats are never all on the ballot at the same time.

Three seats are open at the end of this year.