"Bottle Bomb" incidents reported in Gladstone

Gladstone Public Safety is investigating several occurrences of the detonation of small homemade plastic “bottle bomb” explosive devices in the city over the past few days. The devices have been placed in or near driveways and/or on porches.

A chemical mixture placed inside the bottle reacts and builds up pressure causing the bottles to explode after a short period of time. There have been no injuries so far, and there has not been any property damage.

Gladstone Public Safety says these incidents are extremely dangerous and is releasing this information so residents can be aware of this situation.  Officers say to contact Gladstone Public Safety at 906-428-3131 with any information on these incidents or should they see or hear anything suspicious in or around the city.

The use and possession of these devices are criminal in nature and could subject a person to possible felony charges, depending on the circumstances of the individual incidents.