Houghton Assault Attempt

The Houghton Police Department is asking for residents’ help to solve an assault case.

The incident is said to have happened at about 1 am Monday.

Police say a woman told them she was crossing Montezuma Avenue on foot when a car with two white men inside it stopped near her.

The driver apparently got out of the car and asked the woman if she wanted a ride. The woman told police that once she refused, the man tried to force her into the car anyway.

The passenger then apparently told the driver that they should leave. According to the woman, the driver got back into the car and drove away on College Avenue, heading east.

The driver is described as a white male in his thirties with light facial hair, a Detroit Tigers baseball cap, shorts and sandals. The passenger in the car was wearing a Detroit Tigers cap backwards.

The car is said to be a light blue four-door sedan, similar to a 1990s Buick, with a great deal of rust on it.

The Houghton Police Department is asking anyone with any further information to call them at 482-2121.