CR 595 Public Hearing

The Environmental Protection Agency retains oversight authority to object to proposed projects that do not comply with federal guidelines. The EPA has reviewed the proposed County Road 595 project and has raised questions as to whether there are practical, alternative routes that would have less impact on aquatic resources.

The EPA held a public hearing Tuesday night to gather more information about the proposed construction of County Road 595.

The room was packed with people for and against the road.

The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality is considering issuing a wetlands fill permit to the Marquette County Road Commission. The road commission proposed a new 21.4 mile primary county road, running North and South between U.S Highway 41 and County Road Triple A. The proposed route would run through Champion, Ely, Humboldt, and Michigamme Townships.

County Road 595 would have two primary purposes. To allow better access for equipment trucks and emergency vehicles. The other purpose of the road is to reduce truck traffic through mayor Marquette County population centers.

The EPA is considering two other possible routes – based on the factors of the total wetlands filled, the replacement  and new stream crossings, total miles of new county road, and construction costs.

The EPA will be accepting public comment until September 4th regarding County Road 595. Written comments may be mailed to:

Melanie Haveman

U.S. Enrironmental Protection Agency


77. W. Jackson Blvd.

Chicago, IL 60604-3590

or by e-mail:

The EPA will make a final decision regarding County Road 595 after all comments have been reviewed.