Congressman Benishek addresses the RNC

Michigan’s First District Congressman Dan Benishek addressed the 2012 Republican National Convention this afternoon in Tampa.

Benishek told the crowd that his story is like many from Northern Michigan., “I grew up in a little town called Iron River. My family didn’t have much when I was growing up and we lost my dad when I was young.  But I worked hard, saved money, and was able to become a doctor and raise my family in Northern Michigan.  That was my American Dream.”

Benishek continued his story, explaining how he entered the world of politics,  “Along the way, it never occurred to me to get into politics, let alone run for Congress. But I did,
two years ago. Because, like many of you, I was disgusted by what was going on in Washington. They are spending away our children’s and grandchildren’s futures.   Today, the American Dream is being threatened.”

The Congressman also addressed some of the issues U.P. constituents have voiced concerns about lately.  “I know our nation is facing enormous challenges. Unemployment is far too high. We have a nearly $16 trillion debt. It’s hard for Michigan families to make ends meet.  But I believe we can fix these problems by staying true to what has always made this country  great: individual liberty, free enterprise, and limited government.  People from Northern Michigan are tough. We don’t give up when times are hard. Like you, we will keep working to protect the American Dream, and to ensure our best days are yet to come.  So we need you to keep the American Dream alive and deliver this election for America.”

Other speakers set to address the convention this evening include:

John Boehner, U.S. Speaker of the House

Reince Priebus,  Chairman of the Republican National Committee

Rick Santorum, former Presidential candidate

Kelly Ayotte,  U.S. Senator from New Hampshire