Sex Offender Arrested in Marquette

A 28 year old Marquette man with a history of being a sex offender has been arrested – this time – in a case that involves a 12 year old boy. The investigation into the case started when police in Marquette found out a sex offender had not registered his whereabouts in the city.

Police notified people at the home where the man had been staying about his offender status. The boy’s mother later brought him to the police station, saying he may have been assaulted.

Police arrested Axel Gabriel Acevedo. After a search warrant on his residence, the 28 year old man was charged with first degree and second degree CSC and for accosting a child for immoral purposes.

He is currently lodged in the Marquette County Jail. The Marquette City Police were assisted in the case by NMU Public Safety.The investigation is continuing; police say there may be additional victims.