Heritage Manor Apartment fire update

Nearly a week after a fire forced them from their homes…residents of a Houghton apartment complex got their first look at the building themselves.  ABC Ten’s Keweenaw Bureau Reporter Rick Allen was there.

It’s was an emotional day for the residents of the Heritage Manor Apartments in Houghton.

Those displaced by last week’s fire on the fifth floor of the apartment high rise…returned today to retrieve some items from their apartments.

More than 140 Michigan Tech staff and students were on hand to help clear out the apartments so the residents can sort through their belongings.

They were joined by volunteers from Little Brothers Friends of The Elderly, Dial Help, and several other organizations.

Storage bins and hard hats were donated by the community.

The activity throughout the building was intense but well organized.

Furniture had to stay but residents were able to get their dishes, clothes, and personal mementos.

Each resident was assigned four Tech students to get out as much of their belongings as possible.