NMU fall convocation

The business of education is top priority at Northern Michigan University today.

Interim President Doctor David Haynes delivered his first fall convocation to University faculty, staff and students late this afternoon. A continued theme during the speech was  rethink, renew, and reconnect.

President Haynes said this means the University must continually rethink how they do things in order to increase recruitment, retention and revenue. All of which contribute to the best possible student experience and the highest levels of academic excellence.

President Haynes said that he ultimately wants to get back in the classroom. But, he is honored to have the privilege to serve as NMU’s president. He plans to point his focus in the four areas of enrollment, excellence, experience and endowment.

President Haynes promised he will follow the principles of openness, inclusion, communication, fairness, advocacy and respect while serviving for NMU.