Ensign National Championship Sets Sail

The 51 annual Ensign National Championship Regatta is underway in Lake Superior off Marquette.

Over the next 4 days the one design ships and their crews will battle it out to see who will become this year’s national champion.

Crews from across the country and even one captain from Japan will rely on mother nature and a little luck during this competition to try and take home the crown.

They say a boat is only as good as its captain and crew.

And, during these races having a good crew is very important.

Keeping with the theme of being on the water for this event, competitors and officials were treated to a mid–afternoon sandwich delivery by boat.

Boat races will continue through Thursday afternoon.

Spectators are welcome to hop in a boat and watch the races.

Officials just ask that if you are going to put a boat out on to the water that you stay a safe distance away from the races so you do not interfere.