Extra Patrols at Founders Landing

The Marquette City Police will be adding extra patrols to the Founders Landing area once known as Bums Beach.

City police say the number of transients staying down on the water front during the summer months has increased this year.

The warmer summer weather might have something to do with that.

And, while the police say there haven’t been any major issues or problems associated with the illegal camping, it has created littering and unauthorized bon fires.

The transients seem to mostly be in the Founders Landing area known by locals as ‘Bum’s Beach’ or “Bum’s Jungle”.

But, they have been in other areas of the city, sometimes sleeping on park benches, in doorways or other secluded area.

Police say if you see any illegal or suspicious activity on city land,

Call the Marquette City Police at 228–0400.