Eric Dompierre Gets To Play

After fighting the Michigan High School Athletic Association for nearly two years, Eric Dompierre will finally get to continue playing football and basketball.

Eric is a senior-to-be at Ishpeming High School.

The MHSAA executive committee has approved his request to waive the state’s age rules for high school sports.

Eric was diagnosed with Down syndrome at birth.

He turned 19 earlier this year, which ordinarily would make him too old to play this coming school year under MHSAA rules.

Dean Dompierre, Eric’s father, says Eric has been practicing with the football team this week while waiting for the MHSAA’s decision.

He says Eric had been stressed out because he didn’t know what the final outcome would be, so this is a huge weight lifted from his shoulders.

Dean says he wants to thank the thousands of people who’ve gotten behind Eric in his effort to keep playing.

He also says knows of at least one other Michigan high school athlete that has now also obtained a similar waiver.

Back in May, MSHAA member schools voted to allow students who met certain criteria to ask for an age waiver.

To ask for one, students have to be no older than 19 by September 1st.

The young person must not create either a safety risk for others or a competitive advantage for his or her team.

There must have been a delay of educational progress prior to ninth grade, and there must be documented proof of a medical disability.