MSHS Concussion Screenings

Practices began Monday for high school football and today for all other Michigan fall high school sports.

The Marquette Area Public Schools are making sure this week that all student–athletes have had a mandatory concussion pre–screening.

Marquette Senior High School athletics coordinator Jamie Tuma says the school’s varsity, JV and freshman football players had screenings Tuesday.

She says athletes in all other fall sports will have them on Friday.

The pre-screening is like a physical for the brain.

Each student undergoes a series of simple tests and questions.

The answers are then kept on file for reference in the event of a concussion injury.

Tuma says the test results are used as a baseline to judge how severe an injury is and whether or not a student-athlete is ready to return to practice or competition.

Each Marquette student–athlete needs to have a screening every other year.

It costs $2, and it’s done at the high school in conjunction with Marquette General Sports Medicine.