Lt. Governor Visits Marquette

Michigan’s lieutenant governor continues his Upper Peninsula swing by visiting Marquette.

Lieutenant Governor Brian Calley met city and state officials this afternoon at the dead river basin.

But he also visited Marquette County Republican Headquarters in advance of next week’s primary election.

He says he’s always energized to meet and speak with grass-roots volunteers and organizers who have ideas and enthusiasm to reinvent Michigan.

Calley spoke with residents about changing the way mining operations are taxed.

He believes replacing the existing ad valorem tax system would make the economics of mining work better while protecting revenue for local governments and providing long-term support for U.P. infrastructure even after the mines have ended their lifespan.

The lieutenant governor’s U.P. swing will last one more day.

He’ll visit companies in Gulliver and Sault Ste. Marie tomorrow before returning to the Lower Peninsula.