Benishek Response to Nurses

Upper Michigan’s voice in Congress has come under fire in the last several days in Marquette for his views on Medicare.

But Congressman Dan Benishek has a reply to his critics.

The Michigan Nurses Association is among those critics.

Over the weekend, a moving billboard that the group paid for rolled through much of Marquette County.

The billboard claims that Benishek’s views on Medicare could kill the program for seniors, but Benishek claims that’s not so.

Raffi Williams, a spokesperson for Benishek’s re-election campaign, says “Dr. Dan Benishek knows Barack Obama’s healthcare law will devastate Medicare by gutting $500 billion from the program leaving our seniors worried about receiving care. As a doctor for nearly 30 years, Dr. Dan has been treating Medicare patients and fighting to help preserve and strengthen the program for this generation and future generations.”

Benishek was a surgeon at Dickinson County Healthcare System in Iron Mountain before entering politics two years ago.