A small cruise ship made a stop in Houghton today as one of the stops this cruise liner is making as it visits Lake Superior.

The Yorktown out of New York brought passengers to the Keweenaw as guests of Travel Dynamics International Cruise Line.

They are currently on an 11-day cruise from Detroit to Duluth.

While on board…passengers can enjoy the scenic view of the Upper Peninsula coast…relax in a comfortable lounge in the evening…and enjoy the cuisine in the spacious dining room.

At stops like the one today in Houghton…guests can visit local businesses for the day before heading to their next location in the evening.

So far…it’s been an excellent trip.

Yorktown’s season began in Nova Scotia and has traveled the waters of all five Great Lakes and will eventually dock in Chicago.

But first…a new set of passengers will board in Duluth and make another stop in Houghton again on Friday.