Marquette City Commission Addresses E. coli Levels at Beaches

The Marquette City commission met for a regular board meeting Monday night. The issue of city beach closures because of E. coli levels was addressed tonight. In the last two weeks there were two beaches in the City of Marquette closed due to raised levels of E. coli in the water.

Beaches are closed if the E. coli reading exceeds a count of 300 in 100 milliliters. South Beach was closed on July 20th and North Beach was closed on July 27th. City officials say there are many factors that play into why E. Coli levels were raised. They say the warm weather could be a reason, as well as the low levels of the beaches.

City commissioners had concerns at tonight’s meeting regarding the typical level of E. coli at city beaches.

City officials said that the City of Marquette it the only city in Marquette County that regularly checks E. coli levels of beach water.