How Many Bikers Go Helmetless?

It’s now been more than three months since Michigan’s mandatory motorcycle helmet law was repealed.

So, as a rough guess, how many bikers are going without helmets?

That depends on whom you ask.

T.J. Mallett, an avid biker who teaches motorcycle safety courses in Marquette, says he still wears a helmet.

From what he’s seen, he says only about 10% to 20% of riders have elected to take their helmets off.

He says most bikers know the importance of helmets.

According to the Michigan State Police, Mallett’s estimate should be doubled.

Sgt. Kevin Dowling from the Negaunee Post says his own unscientific estimate would be 30% to 40%, but he says that’s still fewer helmetless riders than he expected.

The Michigan news website recently ran a story on motorcycle crashes since the law was repealed.

They found that in the event of a crash, helmetless riders tend to be more seriously hurt than riders who still wear a helmet.